Tales of the Nentir Vale

The interrigation

The hard battle was finally over, and the team was now finally able to rest. It doesn’t take long for the rest of the team to come to, along with their tied-up gnome captive. The gnome sits up, and begins to inch himself towards the north entrance of the crater. He gets roughly five meters before the party notices him and surrounds him. The gnome is extremely distressed and begins thrashing. Jacen quickly turns and commands the gnome to tell him everything he knows, the gnome in turn shouts hate before Jacen puts his shoe on the man’s throat. The gnome shouts “never!” Jacen then removes his foot to give the man a disciplinary kick to the stomach, effectively killing him.
Jacen and Tralumin rage into a furious arguement. Meanwhile, Laharl moves to the sack that he had stepped on earlier. He pulls it open to reveal no on other than Douven Staul. He chuckles at the arguement between Tralumin and Jacen, who quickly stop fighting when they see Douvan.
Douvan quickly remembers something at runs to the Gnome. He hastily takes off the gnome’s locket and opens it. The party looks curiously as Douven removes a picture of his wife from the locket, and presents it to Olalias. “Thank you,” he says, “that there is an amulet of health, I hope you put it to good use.” Olalias thanks him. Bruised and bloodied, the party slowly begins to make it’s way back down to Winterhaven

The Crater Caper
Dipliomacy vs. Brutality

The sun sits calmly over the west horizon as the adventurers are walking though the forest on a thin, forgotten trail. Though they don’t have to walk much more than a mile when the trail opens up into a large clearing with a crater in the middle, a small pond in the corner, and many roots scattered in and around the crater. They look down the crater to see what appears to be a group of archeologists that are excavating the site. Jacen, hoping to impress the small crowd, pushes his axe onto Olalias and proceeds to roll down the hill into the crater, then to have Olalias throw him the axe. Meanwhile the rest of the team follows, Tralumin lagging behind a bit, playing his instrument. They arrive down at the crater to talk with, what appears to be a gnome supervisor. Tralumin, before anything, manages to dissociate with the group for fear of being judged for Jacen’s antics. The team quickly learns that this crater is indeed the dragon burial sight that they were looking for, but when they begin to ask about Douven, the gnome calls out an order, and the whole crowd begins to attack.

Before anyone a halfling on the side of the crater shoots a large volley of stones at Tralumin, bloodying him on the spot.
Tralumin decides that he must try to use his words to diffuse the situation, and quickly moves away and tries to find a reason for the gnomes aggression
Olalias swiftly warps up to the halfing, engaging in close combat
Laharl blasts into combat by coating his blade in green flames and incenerating the rabble
Jacen pushes to the frontline and takes on the larger threat of the gnome and the two gaurd beasts run to defend him.

It takes a while, though after much argueing, Tralumin is pulled in the battle to heal Jacen before he falls to let the gnome and beasts devourer him and Laharl, though he makes a point to the gnome that he isn’t helping them because they are all together, but because Tralumin does not want to see bloodshed, to which the gnome replies with a hasty order to kill Jacen because of his unstability. Tralumin sees this and realizes that this combat isn’t ending without one side dying, and runs up to the gnome and whispers to him, “If I can take you to safety, please do not resist me carrying you.” The gnome brushes him off and Tralumin decides it best if he just knocked out the gnome. Tralumin strikes the gnome, only to have the gnome disappear on him.

Meanwhile, Olalias has gotten into an intense battle with the hafling consisting of them both trying to throw one another down, into the crater. To Olalias’s suprise though, the gnome runs to attack him out of the surrounding forest line, catching him in a flank between the halfling. It was at this time when the gaurd beasts were defeated, taking Jacen with them, who was now gasping for life. Laharl hastily finishes stabelizing him before running up the wall of the crater to help, only to get shot in the head and limply fall back to the bottom. Luckily for Olalias though, the minorly-unscathed Talumin was able to blast sharp notes at the hafling as he journied to Olalias. Though in a brute measure of strength and manuvering, the two managed to kill the halfling and subdue the gnome.

"Onward to Douven!"
We meet again, lizard men

It is shortly before midday now in the ton of Winterhaven, and our heroes have finally gathered themselves. They now walk down the same old road that they took to arrive at the city. Alas though, they are attacked once more by the red lizard men.

Laharl, once again in the lead, manages to soak up much of the hits
Tralumin, in the back of the group, deals with one especially pesky lizard scout that wraps around to target him.
Jacen, more off-to-the-side of the group, uses his great axe to punish the enemies that have begun to swarm Scott Allen.
Olalias, between Laharl and Tralumin, attacks with Jacen while using his words and high spirits to aid both Laharl and Tralumin.
Meanwhile, Someone in the back is throwing orbs of acid that are most all splashing upon the grass

Using their shifty nature and tactical flanking, the lizards make it a struggle for the heroes, though utilizing all their strength and abilities, the heroes manage to push back and devastate the lizards. Though not all is won as Laharl falls and the orbs of acid keep constant. Tralumin takes action; he uses his accordion to knock out some of the swarm, then leaves the group to heal himself as he feels close to death. Though he thinks he is safe, Tralumin unknowingly attracts the attention of the orb thrower, who appears to be a lizard priest. Meanwhile, beaten and just as near death, Jacen manages to finish off the last lizards and Olalias heals Laharl back to Conciousness, and the party feels they have no other option but to run. The all rush to the end of the trail, but before they’re too far gone, Laharl imagines the incredible treasure that such formidable enemies must be holding and launches towards the lizard priest whole-heartedly. The party notices this and most all join him to defeat the lizard.
Painted in blood the party slows down under a tree after grabbing what loot they could. They drop down number gold pieces, number silver pieces, and an obsidian necklace. Laharl grabs the gold and Jacen takes the neckless. After their short break though, they take right back to the trail.

Rousing about Winterhaven
(Working around poverty)

The Inn is warm, but quiet, with few streaks of light shining through the window, revealing how much dust was in the air. The smell of residual musk was slowly being overpowered by the scent of various meets and eggs being cooked in the kitchen. Siting in a booth on the south side of the inn, near the bar is our band of heros, all reconveining in the morning. Shortly after talking, Jacen decides that he is going to try to find somewhere to sell his newfound weapons and asks the barkeep, whom he noitices is now a small-ish man, where he would go to sell everything. The barkeep points him in the direction of the smithy. Everyone follows but Tralumin, who decides to stay at the inn and continue playing for tips.
The now three-man party walks up to the ordering window, excited to recieve some much needed money. A well-traveled dwarf with a large beard shortly comes to the window and offers Jacen a few copper pieces for his equipment. Jacen sorely rejects the offer and heads back into the inn with the team.
From there they decide to check out the maket that was happening outside the inn that they’ve passed twice now, iin an effort to find somewhere better to sell their weapons. The walk up to a little flower stand owned by a young elven woman. She points them right back around to the Smithy. Jacen, thinking on his feet, decides to offer a trade. He gives her a sling for two lochs of healing herb. The party moves on to the next stand which is hawking meats. Jacen gives up his spears and a couple javlins for a wolf haunch, then when asking where to sell his stuff he is this time pointed to Bairwin’s grand shoppe. The party goes to the shop, only to recieve a similar offer. Still content with their trades, the party returns to the inn to see Tralumin with a case with hardly any coins.
They relay everything they did back to Tralumin. Jacen tries to bring out the smoked wolf haunch, but the new barkeep tells him that he can’t have outside food. The party of three sets off again, this time to Olalias’s prayer spot to have an almost-picnic. Meanwhile, Tralumin decides to check out the market to see if the tips are any better out there. He walks right up to the the flower cart and asks the woman working the cart if he can play in front of her cart. She playfully agrees and he puts on quite the performance, earning many tips from passerbys. After time of playing, the party of three return and grab Tralumin to set off to the dragon burial ground

Morning in Wrafton's Inn
I think I could call this place home

Olalias, slowly freeing from his meditation, begins to take notice of his surroundings. He is in a well-worn room of Wrafton’s inn; he looks around to see he is on well-crafted bed, with a trunk at the front of it. He slowly turns around to see a window. Looking outside he can tell it is cool, early morning, and through his window he can se Smithy with little smoke beggining to pour out the top. Olalias stretches, then leaves the inn to find a quite spot to offer prayer to Pelor, the god of the sun.
A while later the rest of the crew wakes up. First is the elf, Laharl who is woken by the faded sun streaks that pour through his window. He grunts lazily and then begins to spin a binding on his longsword.
Next up is Jacan, who is most excited for the new day. Shortly after waking up, he quickly bursts into Tralumin’s room, who he catches trying to come up with another song in his room. The two walk back into the lobby to see few people sitting and quietly talking. Right as they sit down at their booth, Olalias walks in and sits with them. Tralumin then steps up to play in the center of the inn with his case open to collect tips. The owner, Salvana, attempts to exchange glances with him as if to give an awkward approval, but Tralumin is already invested in his song. Jacen and Olalias talk for a while about the night before and about who they were before they met.
No more than two hours later, Laharl comes down to few more people than Olalias and sits with the party. Before saying more than a few though, he darts over and attempts to count the coin in Tralumin’s case. Walking back he makes sure to get the number in loud enough so that Tralumin could hear him. Tralumin, sastified with the 37 copper coins, closed up shop and sits with the party, with only Jacen noticing the uncomfortable, dissaproving glance that Salvana gives him.
Now, with the party together, in early mid-day, the decided to map out what their plan was going to be.

A Grand Arrival at the Winterhaven
Tralumin tries to make a name for himself

The rutted King’s Road leads to the foot of a broad hill that holds the walled village of Winterhaven. The village is nestled in the southern foothills of the Cairngorn Peaks. The walls are weathered stone topped by some defensive palisades.
Small thatched homes stand around Winterhaven, eash fronting a small piece of farmland or pasture. Beyond the farms to the west and south lie dark woods, and to the north, tall mountain peaks.
It is late afternoon and the low orange glow of the sunset can already be seen from the west horizon that lies behind the town. The party enters through the open main gate to see a few people hapily bustleing around. Without wasting time, Jacen ask a passer-by if they could point him to the inn. He points to the building near the entrance and says that it’s called Wrafton’s Inn. Jacen swiftly thanks him, but before he turns away, Tralamin licks his lips suggestivly to the passerby. He looks confused, so Tralumin bites his lip making another suggestive face. The man now looks concerned but the party pulls Tralumin into the inn that the man previously pointed to.
The inn is fairly large, giving the false impression that the town sees travelers often. directly accross from the entrance is the bar with a human female working the counter. Inbetween is a number of tables and to the walls of the lobby is a number of booths. The Inn is bustleing with people coming in often as the night begins. The party moves away from the enterance, off to the side, in an almost-hudle as to what their plan is, but before much is said, Tralumin rushes to the bar, orders a pitcher of ale, some mugs, and four rooms. They sit aside at an open booth debating about getting food. Of course they don’t get many words in before Tralamin begins to dunkenly and furiously play his accordian. One man in the booth next to them is obviously bothered, and tries to stand up, but his friend in the booth next to him holds his shoulder as to not let him up.It doesn’t take long for the whole bar to quiet down and glare at Tralumin, at which point Jacen rushes him to his room and manages to get his accordian away from him. Then both Tralumin and Laharl retire to their rooms.
Olalias, however, decides to stay out by the bar in an attempt to find out more information about their missing mentor, Old Man Douven. He sits down by a lonely-looking elf lady that is sitting by at the bar. He asks her about Old Man and if she’s seen him or anyone he was with. The girl answers with a strong no while keeping her vision on her drink. Olalias, clearly uncomfortable by his rejected attampt at conversation, turns to the barkeeper and asks about Old Man. The barkeep recognizes the name and says that he had had a room in the inn for a time. Then she points Olalias in the direction of a man she named Eilian, who had been chatting up a man in a booth near the entrance. Olalias walks over confidently to Eilian and asks about Douven. Eilian, excited to hear the name, nearly forgets who he was just talking to and turns to Olalias. Eilian talks about his interest in Douven and about how he had given Douven directions to an old dragon burial site he was asking about a while back. He quickly draws up a map on an old piece of parchment that he draws from his pocket. Olalias is excited and tries to stir up a converstion about Old Man Douven with Eilian, but gets frustrated when constantly talked over. He relizes he is not getting anything more from Eilian without getting interupted multiple times and decides to turn in.

"Onward to Winterhaven!"
(Time to nearly lose someone to the first encounter)

The wind is cool and comfortable. The road beneath your feet is level. An occasional ancient cobblestone peeks through the dirt road, indicating decades of neglect. A noticeable amount of footprints begin to lead up and down the road, many of which were made by small, clawed feet. Laharl and Tralumin rush forward excitedly with Jacen and Olalias following not far behind.
Small creatures hiding behind rocks spring into view and begin to rush the party. With a shriek, the small humanoids attack. Scaled and rust-colored, they have reptilian heads and tails. Laharl manages to boldly throw himself into the fire in an effort to leave his team on the upswing.

Tralumin is not shy to act as he assumes the front line, disorienting enemies with sharp notes from his accordian.
Laharl is fighting deftly, trying to ward off any additional attackers.
Olalias quickly tends to the wounds of Laharl before attacking, then uses his words to aid the attacks of Jacen and Tralumin.
Jacen holds up the back, fending off the lizard brutes that wrap around to attack

In the midst of all the fighting, various stones and pots fly out from a rock on the field hitting Laharl and Olalias, who were in battles of their own, while Talumin fights far enough away to not be targeted. Both Laharl and Olalias are stricken with embers from the pots, though only Olalias was lucky enough to put out the flames. After finishing all off all of the lizard swarm, the party rushed to the mysterious pot and rock slinger behind the rock. They were able to swiftly kill him
After finishing off all of the lizards, the party grabbed all salvageable loot and piled it in the middle. They walked away with 34 silver pieces, which Tralumin held on to, five short swords, and fifteen javelins, which Jacen carried. They walk away with moderate cuts and bruises, but press on being just able to make out some farms on the horizon


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