Tales of the Nentir Vale

Morning in Wrafton's Inn

I think I could call this place home

Olalias, slowly freeing from his meditation, begins to take notice of his surroundings. He is in a well-worn room of Wrafton’s inn; he looks around to see he is on well-crafted bed, with a trunk at the front of it. He slowly turns around to see a window. Looking outside he can tell it is cool, early morning, and through his window he can se Smithy with little smoke beggining to pour out the top. Olalias stretches, then leaves the inn to find a quite spot to offer prayer to Pelor, the god of the sun.
A while later the rest of the crew wakes up. First is the elf, Laharl who is woken by the faded sun streaks that pour through his window. He grunts lazily and then begins to spin a binding on his longsword.
Next up is Jacan, who is most excited for the new day. Shortly after waking up, he quickly bursts into Tralumin’s room, who he catches trying to come up with another song in his room. The two walk back into the lobby to see few people sitting and quietly talking. Right as they sit down at their booth, Olalias walks in and sits with them. Tralumin then steps up to play in the center of the inn with his case open to collect tips. The owner, Salvana, attempts to exchange glances with him as if to give an awkward approval, but Tralumin is already invested in his song. Jacen and Olalias talk for a while about the night before and about who they were before they met.
No more than two hours later, Laharl comes down to few more people than Olalias and sits with the party. Before saying more than a few though, he darts over and attempts to count the coin in Tralumin’s case. Walking back he makes sure to get the number in loud enough so that Tralumin could hear him. Tralumin, sastified with the 37 copper coins, closed up shop and sits with the party, with only Jacen noticing the uncomfortable, dissaproving glance that Salvana gives him.
Now, with the party together, in early mid-day, the decided to map out what their plan was going to be.


Cloverbird Cloverbird

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