Tales of the Nentir Vale

"Onward to Douven!"

We meet again, lizard men

It is shortly before midday now in the ton of Winterhaven, and our heroes have finally gathered themselves. They now walk down the same old road that they took to arrive at the city. Alas though, they are attacked once more by the red lizard men.

Laharl, once again in the lead, manages to soak up much of the hits
Tralumin, in the back of the group, deals with one especially pesky lizard scout that wraps around to target him.
Jacen, more off-to-the-side of the group, uses his great axe to punish the enemies that have begun to swarm Scott Allen.
Olalias, between Laharl and Tralumin, attacks with Jacen while using his words and high spirits to aid both Laharl and Tralumin.
Meanwhile, Someone in the back is throwing orbs of acid that are most all splashing upon the grass

Using their shifty nature and tactical flanking, the lizards make it a struggle for the heroes, though utilizing all their strength and abilities, the heroes manage to push back and devastate the lizards. Though not all is won as Laharl falls and the orbs of acid keep constant. Tralumin takes action; he uses his accordion to knock out some of the swarm, then leaves the group to heal himself as he feels close to death. Though he thinks he is safe, Tralumin unknowingly attracts the attention of the orb thrower, who appears to be a lizard priest. Meanwhile, beaten and just as near death, Jacen manages to finish off the last lizards and Olalias heals Laharl back to Conciousness, and the party feels they have no other option but to run. The all rush to the end of the trail, but before they’re too far gone, Laharl imagines the incredible treasure that such formidable enemies must be holding and launches towards the lizard priest whole-heartedly. The party notices this and most all join him to defeat the lizard.
Painted in blood the party slows down under a tree after grabbing what loot they could. They drop down number gold pieces, number silver pieces, and an obsidian necklace. Laharl grabs the gold and Jacen takes the neckless. After their short break though, they take right back to the trail.


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