Tales of the Nentir Vale

Rousing about Winterhaven

(Working around poverty)

The Inn is warm, but quiet, with few streaks of light shining through the window, revealing how much dust was in the air. The smell of residual musk was slowly being overpowered by the scent of various meets and eggs being cooked in the kitchen. Siting in a booth on the south side of the inn, near the bar is our band of heros, all reconveining in the morning. Shortly after talking, Jacen decides that he is going to try to find somewhere to sell his newfound weapons and asks the barkeep, whom he noitices is now a small-ish man, where he would go to sell everything. The barkeep points him in the direction of the smithy. Everyone follows but Tralumin, who decides to stay at the inn and continue playing for tips.
The now three-man party walks up to the ordering window, excited to recieve some much needed money. A well-traveled dwarf with a large beard shortly comes to the window and offers Jacen a few copper pieces for his equipment. Jacen sorely rejects the offer and heads back into the inn with the team.
From there they decide to check out the maket that was happening outside the inn that they’ve passed twice now, iin an effort to find somewhere better to sell their weapons. The walk up to a little flower stand owned by a young elven woman. She points them right back around to the Smithy. Jacen, thinking on his feet, decides to offer a trade. He gives her a sling for two lochs of healing herb. The party moves on to the next stand which is hawking meats. Jacen gives up his spears and a couple javlins for a wolf haunch, then when asking where to sell his stuff he is this time pointed to Bairwin’s grand shoppe. The party goes to the shop, only to recieve a similar offer. Still content with their trades, the party returns to the inn to see Tralumin with a case with hardly any coins.
They relay everything they did back to Tralumin. Jacen tries to bring out the smoked wolf haunch, but the new barkeep tells him that he can’t have outside food. The party of three sets off again, this time to Olalias’s prayer spot to have an almost-picnic. Meanwhile, Tralumin decides to check out the market to see if the tips are any better out there. He walks right up to the the flower cart and asks the woman working the cart if he can play in front of her cart. She playfully agrees and he puts on quite the performance, earning many tips from passerbys. After time of playing, the party of three return and grab Tralumin to set off to the dragon burial ground


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