Tales of the Nentir Vale

The Crater Caper

Dipliomacy vs. Brutality

The sun sits calmly over the west horizon as the adventurers are walking though the forest on a thin, forgotten trail. Though they don’t have to walk much more than a mile when the trail opens up into a large clearing with a crater in the middle, a small pond in the corner, and many roots scattered in and around the crater. They look down the crater to see what appears to be a group of archeologists that are excavating the site. Jacen, hoping to impress the small crowd, pushes his axe onto Olalias and proceeds to roll down the hill into the crater, then to have Olalias throw him the axe. Meanwhile the rest of the team follows, Tralumin lagging behind a bit, playing his instrument. They arrive down at the crater to talk with, what appears to be a gnome supervisor. Tralumin, before anything, manages to dissociate with the group for fear of being judged for Jacen’s antics. The team quickly learns that this crater is indeed the dragon burial sight that they were looking for, but when they begin to ask about Douven, the gnome calls out an order, and the whole crowd begins to attack.

Before anyone a halfling on the side of the crater shoots a large volley of stones at Tralumin, bloodying him on the spot.
Tralumin decides that he must try to use his words to diffuse the situation, and quickly moves away and tries to find a reason for the gnomes aggression
Olalias swiftly warps up to the halfing, engaging in close combat
Laharl blasts into combat by coating his blade in green flames and incenerating the rabble
Jacen pushes to the frontline and takes on the larger threat of the gnome and the two gaurd beasts run to defend him.

It takes a while, though after much argueing, Tralumin is pulled in the battle to heal Jacen before he falls to let the gnome and beasts devourer him and Laharl, though he makes a point to the gnome that he isn’t helping them because they are all together, but because Tralumin does not want to see bloodshed, to which the gnome replies with a hasty order to kill Jacen because of his unstability. Tralumin sees this and realizes that this combat isn’t ending without one side dying, and runs up to the gnome and whispers to him, “If I can take you to safety, please do not resist me carrying you.” The gnome brushes him off and Tralumin decides it best if he just knocked out the gnome. Tralumin strikes the gnome, only to have the gnome disappear on him.

Meanwhile, Olalias has gotten into an intense battle with the hafling consisting of them both trying to throw one another down, into the crater. To Olalias’s suprise though, the gnome runs to attack him out of the surrounding forest line, catching him in a flank between the halfling. It was at this time when the gaurd beasts were defeated, taking Jacen with them, who was now gasping for life. Laharl hastily finishes stabelizing him before running up the wall of the crater to help, only to get shot in the head and limply fall back to the bottom. Luckily for Olalias though, the minorly-unscathed Talumin was able to blast sharp notes at the hafling as he journied to Olalias. Though in a brute measure of strength and manuvering, the two managed to kill the halfling and subdue the gnome.


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