Tales of the Nentir Vale

The interrigation


The hard battle was finally over, and the team was now finally able to rest. It doesn’t take long for the rest of the team to come to, along with their tied-up gnome captive. The gnome sits up, and begins to inch himself towards the north entrance of the crater. He gets roughly five meters before the party notices him and surrounds him. The gnome is extremely distressed and begins thrashing. Jacen quickly turns and commands the gnome to tell him everything he knows, the gnome in turn shouts hate before Jacen puts his shoe on the man’s throat. The gnome shouts “never!” Jacen then removes his foot to give the man a disciplinary kick to the stomach, effectively killing him.
Jacen and Tralumin rage into a furious arguement. Meanwhile, Laharl moves to the sack that he had stepped on earlier. He pulls it open to reveal no on other than Douven Staul. He chuckles at the arguement between Tralumin and Jacen, who quickly stop fighting when they see Douvan.
Douvan quickly remembers something at runs to the Gnome. He hastily takes off the gnome’s locket and opens it. The party looks curiously as Douven removes a picture of his wife from the locket, and presents it to Olalias. “Thank you,” he says, “that there is an amulet of health, I hope you put it to good use.” Olalias thanks him. Bruised and bloodied, the party slowly begins to make it’s way back down to Winterhaven


Cloverbird Cloverbird

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