Tales of the Nentir Vale

A Grand Arrival at the Winterhaven

Tralumin tries to make a name for himself

The rutted King’s Road leads to the foot of a broad hill that holds the walled village of Winterhaven. The village is nestled in the southern foothills of the Cairngorn Peaks. The walls are weathered stone topped by some defensive palisades.
Small thatched homes stand around Winterhaven, eash fronting a small piece of farmland or pasture. Beyond the farms to the west and south lie dark woods, and to the north, tall mountain peaks.
It is late afternoon and the low orange glow of the sunset can already be seen from the west horizon that lies behind the town. The party enters through the open main gate to see a few people hapily bustleing around. Without wasting time, Jacen ask a passer-by if they could point him to the inn. He points to the building near the entrance and says that it’s called Wrafton’s Inn. Jacen swiftly thanks him, but before he turns away, Tralamin licks his lips suggestivly to the passerby. He looks confused, so Tralumin bites his lip making another suggestive face. The man now looks concerned but the party pulls Tralumin into the inn that the man previously pointed to.
The inn is fairly large, giving the false impression that the town sees travelers often. directly accross from the entrance is the bar with a human female working the counter. Inbetween is a number of tables and to the walls of the lobby is a number of booths. The Inn is bustleing with people coming in often as the night begins. The party moves away from the enterance, off to the side, in an almost-hudle as to what their plan is, but before much is said, Tralumin rushes to the bar, orders a pitcher of ale, some mugs, and four rooms. They sit aside at an open booth debating about getting food. Of course they don’t get many words in before Tralamin begins to dunkenly and furiously play his accordian. One man in the booth next to them is obviously bothered, and tries to stand up, but his friend in the booth next to him holds his shoulder as to not let him up.It doesn’t take long for the whole bar to quiet down and glare at Tralumin, at which point Jacen rushes him to his room and manages to get his accordian away from him. Then both Tralumin and Laharl retire to their rooms.
Olalias, however, decides to stay out by the bar in an attempt to find out more information about their missing mentor, Old Man Douven. He sits down by a lonely-looking elf lady that is sitting by at the bar. He asks her about Old Man and if she’s seen him or anyone he was with. The girl answers with a strong no while keeping her vision on her drink. Olalias, clearly uncomfortable by his rejected attampt at conversation, turns to the barkeeper and asks about Old Man. The barkeep recognizes the name and says that he had had a room in the inn for a time. Then she points Olalias in the direction of a man she named Eilian, who had been chatting up a man in a booth near the entrance. Olalias walks over confidently to Eilian and asks about Douven. Eilian, excited to hear the name, nearly forgets who he was just talking to and turns to Olalias. Eilian talks about his interest in Douven and about how he had given Douven directions to an old dragon burial site he was asking about a while back. He quickly draws up a map on an old piece of parchment that he draws from his pocket. Olalias is excited and tries to stir up a converstion about Old Man Douven with Eilian, but gets frustrated when constantly talked over. He relizes he is not getting anything more from Eilian without getting interupted multiple times and decides to turn in.


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